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Buyers who pay with PayPal™ are protected by's Buyer Protection Guarantee.
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Buyer Protection Guarantee

Buyers who pay with PayPal™ are protected by's Buyer Protection Guarantee. If you purchase an item from a Verified Seller and do not receive your purchased goods, you are entitled to a full investigation and refund of the recovered amount. You may check the verification status of a Seller on every confirmation page before you Send Money. The Buyer Protection Guarantee applies whether you pay with a credit card, checking account, or funds in your PayPal™ account.
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My  Personal  Guarantee

  I feel strongly you will say book excellent value.  So I say "If for any reason you do not feel book is worth price, I will give you something worth almost twice the price you paid."  I will place your personal ad in a popular Asian English language newspaper at no charge.  I trust you not to take advantage of me.  Jean
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If you do not want to use PayPal, we have good old plain vanilla, low tech, check or money order by snail-mail processing.  Everything is sent to my USA friend and deposited in a US bank so it is safe and reliable.  It is better for me as I can withdraw money from US bank at ATM machine here.  That saves time as checks and even money orders take several weeks to clear in bank here.  And it saves me money as my withdrawal is automatically in Hong Kong dollars so I do not have to pay exchange fee and waste several hours going to exchange bank.  So purchase either way or if not in USA see other Options.
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  Make your check or money order payable to my USA friend  Teri's Dad, Steve Brady and mail to:
( Checks must be drawn on a USA Bank - Other countries CLICK HERE )
Mr. Steve Brady 
9654 North Kings Hwy #333
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572-4040
  Be sure to include your E-mail address
 to receive your password or confirmation quickly


If you are in another beautiful Country, you still have three choices:
  A Mail a bank check drawn on a US Bank payable to Steve Brady at his address above;
  B Send a money transfer by Western Union or MoneyGram (best to use Steve Brady as recipient as his schedule is more flexible. Teri is a nurse)  E-mail MTCN #  to:
  C If it is small amount like my $25book you could send cash in a lined envelope.  
If you mail to Teri or Steve please email me saying what you do so there is no confusion, OK?
Need to ask me a question about my book?