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My name is Jean Valarampa.   My father is originally from Spain.  My mother is Chinese.  In my case,
50% Spanish + 50% Chinese = 100% Filipina

My five sisters and one brother were all born and raised in the Philippines.  Like most Filipino families, ours is very loving and supportive and very, very conservative.  I become age 28 this year and my father is still a big influence in my life.  I am very conservative by Western standards but I am the "wild woman" in my family.  

I truly honor my father yet it is very boring here in Hong Kong and I enjoy dancing in the disco very much.  I go maybe twice a month with three or four girlfriends and I always leave with my girlfriends, never with boy.  Almost all the filipina living in Hong Kong live with Chinese families which are very strict and we have a curfew of about 9 to 9:30 PM.  Since it takes over an hour to travel home by train the discos the filipinas go to, open in the afternoon on Sundays; our only day off.   See photo below of Teresita, Rose and I at disco. 

Remember, even though we Filipina have a lot in common, we are very much individuals.  So take your time getting to truly know any Filipina you decide to write.  Statistics show couples that corresponded over six months before meeting enjoy the happiest marriages without hardly any divorces.   Those that first meet on a tour and marry quickly still do better than American marriages but ...

Many of my friends have passed medical & background checks.  I truly want to protect both my friends and You in this serious courtship matter!  But, let us have Fun also, OK?   I hope you will enjoy my humor as you read my serious book on our culture & funny Filipino customs.  Do you know what we mean by the words "simple" & "obedient"?  

I review more good books on my main website.  And, though I do not explain in detail like my book , I do explain why we value older men, how to write or call us, and much, much, more...

Cebu City is near my home town in the Philippines.  We live near the beach.  I am tall for a Filipino at 5'5" and I am of weight at 120 pounds.  Before coming to China as OCW in Hong Kong, I worked as a sales lady in department store and after graduation from college as a school teacher for two years.  I enjoyed teaching very much as I like sports and love children.  I taught physical education.  I know it does not seem right but I make much more as OCW than teacher.

My sister Teresita  graduated with a degree in computer science; see photo below with Helen and I.  She, my American friend Teri, her father Steve, and my sisters in the Philippines worked hard to develop my matchmaker site and were big help with book also.

Much of the content for my book comes from researching and answering questions asked to me by visitors to my website during the past two years and the many Personal Search interviews I have conducted, plus information sent to me by friends from their personal experience.  I appreciate the kind words from so many readers.   The customers of my Gift Shop have also been very helpful by sharing their personal experiences. So, I have excellent information from both the Filipina and suitor perspectives.

Blessings,      Jean
Filipinas like to have fun and thought filipina virgin is common, once married we are fun lovers.  You will like our smooth brown skin, long black hair, erotic eyes, sexy lips, sweet personality, giving nature, unselfishness, obedience and respect for husband.  Filipinas don't seek riches just harmonious, safe, secure relationship with kind, understanding american gentleman.
Teresita Rose     Me Lucenda
Most of my filipina lady friends are college graduates, speak excellent english, are simple filipina girls not expecting riches but filipina desire kindness and true love in their filipina - american marriage.