Filipina Courtship Secrets   E-book is BIG  

 over 500 files & 4 Megabytes in size

I have tried to cover ALL the important issues.  I guess that is why it took over a year to write and I (we) continue to add new information as well as updating current material.  Starting with the reasons you should consider courting a foreign woman: what she is like - reality VS myth; what are the best ways to find your match - internet, tours, personal visits, matchmaker, including links to hundreds of free addresses - most with photos;  I include many photos so you know the many "looks" of Filipina and what my country looks like.  I am amazed to see and hear stereotype only everywhere.  I try best to be frank and tell real story;  I explain about customs and attitudes so you make best 1st impression and stand out from other suitors; also I discuss how to be sure photos are true and are really of girl you write and talk; what are right way to address important issues with offending her; when and where should your 1st meeting take place; frank discussion on expressing affection and even explain about important issue of sex; I share much about immigration issues and how to avoid "catch22" traps; then I explain about adjustment to your country and how to prepare her and avoid big shocks that could hurt relationship; and so much more I can not list here - over 4 megabytes / 500 files and growing.  I refer to it as an ebook but truly it is much larger than ebooks.  Then I have many pages of organized and personally reviewed websites with direct links to save you months of surfing and to avoid scam sites.  I do not want to sound like braggart so please read the reviews of readers on "Reviews" page.  Blessings, Jean 

Just a few of the Questions I answer in my Book,   Filipina Courtship Secrets

Real reason we try our best to remain virgin until marriage Inexpensive VISA assistance to save  $  &  time
How to get many girls VISA  without  meeting her 1st Will girl really look like photos on web or even sends
2  reasons you must write letters (even if she has email or telephone) What questions to ask to avoid misunderstandings that could hurt relationship or obligate you to pay money
What questions you should answer even if she is too shy to ask
Why many Filipina prefer older husband Good gifts to bring to her family members
Pros & Cons of getting married in the Philippines What do we mean when we say "simple or obedient"
Hundreds of free addresses of Filipina to write How to meet girls on your own in the Philippines
What to say in 1st letter and what is Filipino English Safe, inexpensive ways to send money to Asia
Where to find the best Filipina for Western marriage & why Why normal gift giving can cause embarrassment?
Links to best Philippine sites, news, and message boards Even how to get cheap taxi at Manila airport

  Add site reviews and directly links to over 100 Asian newspapers - you can place your own ads.
My "bigger" pictures you asked for
( yes, that one & others too ;-)        And  Much,  Much,  More

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